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Evalock is proud to introduce ‘Greenflame’ briquettes. A sustainable, clean, high heat efficient hardwood fuel, for all fire applications.

Low ash residue, no binders, minimal smoke and consistent high heat and long clean burn times, makes this product superior in the market.

As a byproduct of fine timber joinery manufacturing in Australia, by selecting timber briquettes you are doing your part for the environment, supporting clean sustainable, carbon neutral energy, sourced from 100% plantations timbers and FSC Grade.

Buy briquettes for their: Reliable long burn, High even heat output, No binders and chemicals, 100% Sustainable forestry plantation timbers, Green energy, Clean convenience and 10 -12% Moisture content


Low ash residue / limited smoke

Easy to light - no kindling needed

Low moisture content 10-12%

High heat efficient wood

No binders and chemicals

Suitable for all fire applications / clean & convenient

100% sustainable forestry plantation timbers

Australian made & owned

How is it Carbon Neutral?

Carbon is an essential element in photosynthesis for the growth of trees, thus burning timber is classified carbon neutral, as the carbon released in the atmosphere is then taken up during the photosynthetic reaction, closing the carbon cycle.

Greenflame is also renewable and sustainable, as timber is sourced from 100% controlled forestry, plantation timbers and FSC. Greenflame takes the bi-product of timber manufacturing in Australia and turns into a high quality high-energy efficient timber briquette fire fuel.


  • Moisture content is guaranteed to be 10 – 12%. Cut timber sits between 20 – 65% moisture.
  • 2 – 3 times more heat energy contained in a briquette compared to the equivalent mass of split wood, this is due to its
    extremely low moisture content. Therefore fewer logs are required to achieve an equivalent heat value.
  • The uniformity in size, density and moisture ensures a predictable clean burn, clean storage and a reduced quantity to achieve the same heat value.
  • ‘GREENFLAME’ can be burnt in stoves, open fires, pizza ovens, campfires and wood fired boilers. Briquettes can be used for a variety of thermal applications.
  • No binders and chemicals, the timbers natural lignin’s run under high pressure to hold briquette together.


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